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What is SafeForever™


SafeForever™ stands as an innovative marvel, meticulously crafted to revolutionize the realm of biospecimen storage and transportation, catering to a myriad of downstream applications. Biospecimens, the precious resources garnered from diverse biological sources, encompassing Humans, Animals, plants, and the environment or most valuable for researchers since the sample health is cardinal for their experimental results

However, the prevailing methodologies for collecting, moving, and preserving these invaluable biospecimens suffer from exorbitant costs, inefficiencies, and limited accessibility, largely contingent upon the intricate cold-chain logistics. This heavy dependence on the cold-chain significantly impairs the quality of the biospecimens intended for downstream processing, posing considerable challenges.

In response to these age-old dilemmas, SafeForever™ emerges as a beacon of ingenuity; the avant-garde product boasts a seamless and unparalleled robust solution, facilitating effortless transport and long-term storage of top-tier biospecimens, ensuring their utmost quality for any downstream applications. SafeForever™ truly redefines the landscape of biospecimen management, propelling research and diagnostics to unprecedented comfort with best experimental experience.

The applications of SafeForever™ span various segments and industries, including:-
  • Human tissue (liquid and solid) samples for biobanking, diagnostics, and forensics.
  • Animal/Veterinary biospecimens.
  • Plant and agriculture-related samples.
  • Food testing industry.
  • Environmental and soil samples.
  • Marine/Aquaculture sciences.

SafeForever™ has been tested on all these types of biospecimens, yielding outstanding results in preserving their integrity. For instance, human cancer tumors and blood samples were utilized for molecular diagnostics and long-term biobanking, demonstrating the technology's remarkable efficacy.

A path breaking technology to collect, transport & preserve biological samples indefinitely at ambient temperatures


Biospecimens are invaluable assets acquired from diverse biological sources, encompassing humans, animals, plants, and the environment. They serve as a critical foundation for research, diagnostics, and even product development, influencing key decision-making processes.

The current handling of Biospecimens primarily relies on the cold chain, a vital aspect that poses challenges at every stage, as highlighted in the constraints depicted in the illustration below.

SafeForever™ revolutionizes biospecimen handling by eliminating barriers like sample pre-processing and the need for cold chain transport and storage, offering numerous advantages. SafeForever™ technology inherently neutralizes pathogens, rendering preprocessing and pathogen containment facilities unnecessary, thereby enhancing sample quality and reducing associated costs in molecular diagnostics.

Moreover, samples collected do not require storage at extreme temperatures (-20°C, -80°C, or in liquid nitrogen chambers); they can be safely preserved at ambient room temperature. SafeForever™ is a pathbreaking solution that paves the way for cost-effective frugal diagnostics, bio-banking, fostering next-generation genomics and diagnostics at a significantly lower cost.

Important Application Areas for SafeForever™

Biobank, BioRepositories

Long-time storage of Biological samples.

Hospitals & Diagnostic Centres

Collection & storage of patient samples for diagnostics, R & D, Sequencing.

Bio Pharma, Biotech Industry

Sequencing, Drug Discovery, Discovery Biology, Vaccine Research, Molecular Biology & Biotechnology

Industrial Applications

Food & Dairy, Derma & Cosmetic, Nuraceutical, Processing Industries.

Academic & Research Entities

CROs, Research Institutes, Botanical & Zoological Repositories

Veterinary & Animal Husbandry

Collection, transportation and storage of various animal samples for diagnostics and research

Plant Science & Agriculture

Plant sample collection, transportation and storage including leaf, stem, root, pollen etc

Environmental & Marine Studies

Collection, transportation and storage of variety of samples such as soil, algae, fish, planktons etc

Areas to explore

There can be several applications which has not been validated yet. Samples are available for our customers.

Next Generation Sequencing of samples preserved in SafeForever™

The coverage analysis report and the variants that were filtered is shown in the figure below for Next Generation Sequencing using an Ion AmpliSeq™ Cancer Hotspot Panel v.2 on DNA samples isolated from saliva and blood samples stored in SafeForever™. The Ion AmpliSeq™ Cancer Hotspot Panel v2 is cancer gene panel used to identify mutations from 50 oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes. The Ion AmpliSeq™Cancer Hotspot Panel v2 is designed to amplify 207 amplicons covering approximately 2,800 COSMIC.

The coverage analysis report and the variants that were filtered is shown in the figure below


NGS on Oxford Nanopore
for 16srRNA sequencing

Endoscopic biopsy stored in SafeForever™ useful for Gut microbiome study

The endoscopic biopsy samples stored in SafeForever™ were used for the study of metagenomics by performing 16srRNA sequencing on Oxford Nanopore sequencing. The 16S Barcoding Kits and EPI2ME 16S analysis workflow was used, Library preparation protocol to sequence full length 16S rRNA gene in Nanopore MinION sequencer using the primers V1-V9.

The 16S workflow was useful in understanding the composition of a microbial community in the gut of the samples that was stored in SafeForever™. The gut microbiome analysis of patient sample collected, stored & transported in SafeForever™ helped clinician in better diagnosis based on microbiome report.

The high quality DNA was isolated from SafeForever™ preserved samples as in the table below.

Sl No. Sample ID Qubit DNA Conc (ng/ul) 260/280
1 Sample 1 299.506 1.824
2 Sample 2 334.851 1.823
3 Sample 3 223.883 1.827
4 Sample 4 323.801 1.827
Bar graph showing the most abundant microbial species in patient gut microbiom

DNA extraction and downstream Next
Generation sequencing analysis from Liver tissue preserved in SafeForever™

Library prepared using Ion AmpliSeq™Cancer Hotspot Panel v2, that is designed to amplify 207 amplicons covering approximately 2,800 COSMIC mutations from 50 oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes. The libraries prepared were quantified with Qubit to proceed further with sequencing run on 520 chip in Ion Gene studio S5 instrument.

The data clearly indicates good reads generated from the Ampliseq Cancer panel in SafeForever™ stored liver (tissue) sample